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Random Aussies began with the simple idea that every man and woman in Australia has a story and every town has its tale!

To give you an introduction into who we are and what we do, please feel free to kick back put the kettle on and treat yourself to this cracker of a poem!
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Jamie McInnes

Jamie was born in the Warrnambool region and moved around a lot before moving to Connewarre. He married early before being diagnosed with kidney disease in his late twenties.

After spending four and a half years on dialysis Jamie was blessed with a successful transplant. He devoted a lot of his time to his photography and music careers. Subsequently, his photos have been exhibited all over Australia and he released his first album, Rawest Emotions, in 2007.

Jamie’s love of music and photography in 2011 lead the way into film production with long time friend Luke Massey and Random Aussies was born. Teaming up with great friend, Paul Moore, Jamie and Luke all make and produce Random Aussies with passion and love. In 2015 Jamie celebrated 14 years on his kidney transplant, continuing to feel blessed. Today; Random Aussies is Jamie’s passion, along with filming and acting. Jamie loves to make the most of life everyday.
Luke Massey

Luke was born in the Geelong region and has lived there most if his life. His interest in the arts developed when he landed a job working in the local cinema at 15. This is where he met Paul Moore, during which time they made and sold a lot of choc-top ice creams together… 

Luke has written and directed two short films, ‘What About Kyle’ and ‘Little Soldier’, as well as numerous documentaries. He started the production company Unscripted Productions with best mate Jamie McInnes, and has produced three seasons of Random Aussies with Jamie and Paul. He also has three children and loves the mighty Geelong Football Club!!
Paul Moore

Paul was born in Manchester, England in 1980… but now he calls himself a true blue Aussie! He loves going on spur of the moment adventures and is intrigued by the human mind and how it think and feels.
He has spent the past five years working on Channel 7’s hit TV Show “Winners & Losers”, playing the dorky character ‘Wes”. Also appearing on Neighbours , Blue Heelers and many TV Commercials.

When Paul isn’t travelling around Australia searching for people who are fortunate enough to follow their passion as their job, he runs Mooregrace Acting Studios in Geelong. He gets great satisfaction in sharing his knowledge and experience with budding actors.

For down time he loves to play Ping-Pong, invent quirky ideas and spends as much time as he can at his local beach Jan Juc.

If you would like to know more about Random Aussies, please feel free to contact us directly on admin@randomaussies.com.au

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