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Random Aussies is about meeting the average Australian and discovering their story. We travel all around Australia, looking for hidden gems that this fantastic country has to offer!! We love to meet new people and listen to their story. It’s unscripted, ill-prepared
and lots of random fun!

Hey guys,
Things are getting really exciting for Random Aussies, there’s so much going on! We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our new season and it’s going to blow you away! We met some of the most engaging and inspiring random Aussies this country has to offer, and we can’t wait for you to meet them. Jamie and Paul are up to their old antics as well… keep an eye out for Jamie’s photo-shoot, Paul showing off his rugby skills and a dead kangaroo that nearly spoiled the day! In other exciting news, we have officially gone abroad, with Season 2 to air in countries such as England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Norway and the U.S…. to name a few. Our run with Aurora on Foxtel has been extended too, you can catch us on Saturday nights at 7pm. So 2016 looks set to be a great year, keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and info… and we’ll see you out there in this great country of ours real soon!
Thanks guys, Luke.
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A Few Minutes with…Paul Moore 


What is your favourite…
Food: I love taco’s with avacardo and a margarita pizza with bacon

It has always been light blue because it reminds me of the ocean.
23 because it was worn by my favourite basketball player Michael Jordan when he play the Chicago Bulls.

“The things in life you most regret are the risks you never take”. “Your vibe attacks your
Why did the cub climb down the toilet? To save the brownie. (A cup in England is a younger

Dumb and Dumber - I watched it 32 times while I was growing up and I often make reference to
lines from the movie today.
Monkey because
they are cheeky and can
get away with it.

Season (summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring): 
Summer make me feel positive and excited to jump out of bed and try and take over the world
Please describe an average day for you when you are filming
Random Aussies?

Normally it all starts with an extremely long drive. During the ride we all talk honestly about how we are all going in life and what obstacles we may have faced since our last encounter. This open communication helps us all understand each other and hence why we have such a strong bond. As we drive through various towns it is not uncommon for Jamie to talk about his past experiences while visiting these towns. This always gives the boys an insight into a town and helps us decide where we would like to hit next. We never pre-choose a location, once we drive through we let the universe do its thing and we read the vibes that the town is giving us. Once we feel positive vibes we usually find the cheapest hotel that has an air conditioner. Next we hit the streets with Street talk, this is one of my favourite activities. We get a real feel for the locals and constantly evaluate how receptive the town has become to the Random Aussie team. We leave all our decisions up to chance and follow locals recommendations on where our adventure may lead. We start the day not knowing where we will end up and we put trust into the moment. This creates an unscripted and totally Random Show that even we could not replicate. We don’t have a clear start and knock off time, we feel when our energy levels are zapped and we have nothing else to give - we call it a day. As we lay on our couches back at the hotel we often review our footage and remember all the amazing moments that we have experienced during the day. 
And a day when you are not filming:

I run an acting Studio called Mooregrace Acting Studios in Geelong.
This is where I spend most of my time, developing new programs
and trying to invent new activities that can help kids, teens and
adults unlock their inner child. I feel my purpose in life is to help other
be the best people they can be. I am also helping friends pitch TV
show ideas to various investors, working on my own Children TV
show. I normally get up at 7am and work through to 7pm. My body
allows me to do this because everything I do these days is a
passionate of mine and nothing ever feels like work. I am also
extremely interest in the internet and my mind boggles when ever I
discover a new app or program that can help make life easier. I think
I have realised I love to learn every day and I always look at the
glass half full!
Watch this space for the latest updates on our journey, news and upcoming events we will be involved with.
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1st Annual Car Rally – 29th November 2015:

The 1st Annual Random Aussies’ Car Rally was a huge success with 9 teams having an absolute cracker of a day and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the Great Ocean Road.
Congratulations to the Winners: Team Drop Bears Fan Club; Bruce, Mark, Abbey and Tilley.
Awesome Work Guys! Taking the Gold!!
Big thanks to everyone involved; teams, volunteers and all our crew!!! Much Love to You All Ox
And the winner of the Beer Pong Table: Vanessa Zorkau

Wombat Corner 

Joke of the month:
Simba was walking with his dad, but was lagging behind.
His dad said "Mufasa"
Submitted by: Tobey

Quote of the month:
Always say sorry.
Submitted by: Zara
Competition: Name:______________________ Age: _____

The Woodworks

So what’s in the woodworks for Random Aussies? 2016 is set to be the host of a comprehensive and diverse program of promotional events for Random Aussies, focusing on bringing together Australian communities and becoming a vital part of the show and brand. Live events provide a platform from which to develop, build and
strengthen key viewer and sponsorship relationships, source new ideas and gather relevant up-to-date feedback.
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that was a great day and fun was had by all...

Follow Paul, Jamie and Luke as they travel around Australia looking for
a story to tell via YouTube!

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