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Get to know the eccentric crew that brings these stories to life behind the scenes! 
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John Servedio
John Servedio

John is the sound recordist and designer for Random Aussies.
He is also an engineer and music producer in West Melbourne,running a studio in Yarraville, ‘Inhouse Creative Space’. Johnny Utah, as Paul affectionately dubbed him, has recorded albums for some of the Australian music industry’s biggest names – and a few not so well–known…
Roberto Bassignana
Roberto Bassignana – 

Roberto is a cameraman and editor for Random Aussies,with years of experiencein filming and producing documentaries and music videos.
Originally from the island of Sicily in Italy, Roberto came to Australia to follow his passion of producing, filming and editing. Random Aussies recruited him because he will work for food…
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson –

Mark is one of Random Aussies’ editors. He is a Bachelor of Screen Production graduate, and has also worked as 1st AD and editor for many projects. Mark works from his home studio in Eastern Melbourne, where he resides with his young family. As Luke says, he is adept at ‘turning sh*t into gold’…
Nikki Gosetti
Nikki Gosetti –

Nikki is the Promotions Manager for Random Aussies. She has a strong creative background that stems from her family and doing a Visual Arts/New Media course. Her nickname has been “Smiley” since she was born for obvious reasons; she is always smiling and has a bubbly and positive outlook on life. Nikki has a beautiful daughter Havana, and three adopted kids – Jamie, Paul and Luke.
Jesse Leaman
Jesse Leaman–

Jesse Leaman is a producer, director and writer of films in his own right, with his latest short film starring Guy Pearce. He is known as Random Aussies' "Mr Fix-It", with roles ranging from special effects to titles and anything that needs attention in between. He's also an amazing musician, and as a tall man he is useful at getting things off high shelves!!!
Aron Babington
Aron Babington–

Filmmaker, cameraman, editor, roller-derby champion... Aron Babington is a man of many talents. Aron brought his immense skills to four episodes as a cameraman on Random Aussies. He will next be seen representing Australia in the World Roller Derby Championships - good luck Aron!!!
Gerard Mack
Leonardo Guardo
Leo is an Italian audio engineer, specialising in sound post-production for film, TV, advertisement and web content. He currently runs his own recording and mixing studio, embracing new and exciting projects. At Random Aussies, he has the difficult job of making us all audible - which is much harder than it sounds!!!

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